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Increase audience engagement and make more sales! Awesome doesn't have to be hard:
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Product Recommendation


Built to only propose products with a price higher than the product being displayed in the cart.


Propose complementary products and increase average order value by using the frequently bought together feature!

Similar products

Instead of proposing random recommendations our algorithm will push similar products if you don't have enough traffic.


Use your own wording, amount of products, type of recommendation: similar products, user product views, and price adjustment.

Live Stats

Create urgency and scarcity among your users by showing them they are not alone on your website!  Try Amazon and Booking's methods and motivate them to purchase quicker by creating an "out of stock" feeling.

Real time widget

Increase the number of baskets by displaying how many times the product has been added to the basket, seen and purchased.

Multi-criteria calibration

LiveStat will automatically adapt to your audience and display pertinent data about your users even if your traffic is low.


Choose where you want to place your liveStats block

Top product label

This will automatically appear on products having above average performance!

For more features or if your website has more than 1 million page views per month :

Performance Made Simple

  • Compatible with Prestashop, other platforms coming soon!
  • High degree of accuracy. User centric technology every visitor is analyzed. Only real time data is used, no pre-calculation: no tricks!
  • Scalable strategies to Adapt to your audience and deliver the best results according to your traffic volume.
  • Quick setup! Install the module directly on your website within a few clicks!
  • Fully responsive to adapt to the size of the screen used to visit your website.

Personalize user experience

Personalize user experience

Simple Pricing

29.90 € / month

30 days free trial

The reason is simple:
you already paid for traffic and we are here to assist conversion and not to increase fees

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This offer is valid for all websites that have a maximum of 1 million page views per month

Why Twiga ?

To give everyone the ability to easily transform big data into actionable insights and gain time to focus on their core business.

How it started

The idea was born after building an in house tool at their previous e-commerce jobs. They realized this technology could help every organization and could be also used by small and medium businesses.

Who we are

E-commerce is our passion. We are French traffic and data specialist who share an enthusiasm for new technologies with more than 10 years of experience.

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